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Easy platform business scope:

Easy platform is authorized to operate by ISCRA e-commerce Inc. After expanding its business in Canada, it will expand its business to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan in December 2020, and gradually enter the European and American markets in 2021, which is welcomed by many clients. In September 2021, Easy has created more than 500 divisions in 9 countries around the world, has 2 million users worldwide, and earned more than $200 million in total revenue to 100,000 households. In 2022, we will select more high-quality regional agents in Europe and Africa, and carry out more cooperation with them. Our philosophy is win-win cooperation and putting integrity first!

What does Easy platform do

Easy platform specializes in providing marketing services for major e-commerce websites. Easy maintains long-term cooperation with international e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, AliExpress, E-bay, and others. They come from all over the world. On the Easy platform, it provides stable employment for network practitioners by helping major merchants to expose their products, increase sales data, and enhance their popularity.

Easy was founded from the beginning

Easy was established in October 2016, headquartered in Canada, focusing on serving global e-commerce platforms, and currently has 7 branches in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Easy is an e-commerce service platform in Southeast Asia, specializing in providing marketing services for major e-commerce websites, expanding shopping network

During the epidemic, the Canadian government proposed to "encourage working from home and reduce contact" during the fight against the epidemic. After Easy expanded its business in Canada, it was in need of many users and helped users make money online. At the same time, Easy is committed to stimulating the Singapore economy through online shopping and providing a source of income for the unemployed by working from home.