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Ten women scientists were honored at the 14th China Young Female Scientist Awards in Beijing on January 12.

The awards were jointly established by the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the China National Commission for UNESCO and L'Oreal China.

They are held to recognize Chinese women who have made outstanding accomplishments in scientific research at a relatively young age.

Shen Yueyue, vice-chairperson of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and president of the ACWF; Song Xiuyan, vice-president and first member of the Secretariat of the ACWF; and Huai Jinpeng, secretary of Party leadership group and first member of the Secretariat of the CAST, attended the event and gave prizes to the winners.

Xia Jie, vice-president and member of the Secretariat of the ACWF, hosted the ceremony.

The ten recipients awarded this year included: Professor Wang Peifang from the College of the Environment at Hohai University; researcher Lu Yanli from Maize Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural University; Professor Zhu Yan from the Nanjing Agricultural University; researcher Xu Qi from the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences at Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences; and Yang Li, professor from the Peking University First Hospital.

Further awardees included Wu Xiaoqun, professor from the Department of Applied Mathematics at Wuhan University; Shen Jun, researcher from the Physical and Chemical Institute of Chinese Academy of Science; Zhang Yan, professor from the College of Life Sciences at Peking University; Tao Xiaoming, associate professor from the Department of the Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University; and Pan Xiulian, researcher from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics at Chinese Academy of Science.

In addition, four women were listed in the Future Female Scientist Project, including Zhang Nan, a PhD candidate from Harbin Institute of Technology; Lin Lili, a doctoral student from Peking University; Zhou Xiwen, a PhD student from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; and Huang Qianqian, a postdoctoral student from Peking University.

On behalf of the initiators, Huai delivered a speech at the ceremony. Huai said the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation and placed a creativity-driven strategy at the center of the country's development.

Strengthening the construction of the national innovation system and improving China’s strength in science and technology are historical missions for scientific and technological workers in the new era, Huai explained.

Scientists should carry forward the assiduous and innovative spirits; integrate their own careers with the national development, social progress and people's happiness; and build China into a technology superpower.

Huai noted that more than 36 million female scientists and technicians have made great efforts in research work and have shown their unique tenacity, persistence and wisdom.

Meanwhile, Huai urged women researchers to shoulder their responsibility of making breakthroughs in scientific and innovative work so as to promote the country's economic development.

Huai hoped that the honored female scientists will work harder to achieve exceptional results in research. Moreover, he called on the large population of female researchers to learn from the winners and make contributions in entrepreneurship and innovation.

A total of 124 women have been presented with the China Young Female Scientist Awards since it was established 14 years ago. Huai urged the authorities to pay more attention to the cultivation of women scientific workers and provide more equal opportunities for them.

At the ceremony, vice-president of the L'Oreal Group Lan Zhenzhen said that L'Oreal has attached great importance to the scientific and technological innovation and women's development. In the future, they will continue to cooperate with the ACWF, CAST and UNESCO, promote women's progress in the field of science and technology, and moreover, change the world with “She Power”.

On the occasion of the upcoming 15th anniversary of the inaugural Awards, relevant co-sponsors have jointly launched a survey on the current situation of the award winners.

The survey indicated that honored young women scientists have excellent scientific research quality, patriotism and the work ethics of being dedicated, rigorous and tough.

Those female scientists have played a positive role in stimulating young female scientific workers and changed the public's stereotype of women scientific researchers, the organizers said.



(Source: Women's Voice / Translated and edited by Women of China)